How one SEO company went from 0 to 100 clients

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One comment on “How one SEO company went from 0 to 100 clients

  1. Chris Heidlebaugh says:

    Great interview! I wanted to ask if Garrett is saying he mainly focused on niche seo? Or does he have a general seo business? I ask because I run a boutique seo business in Colorado, and most of my clients seem to be in the construction industry. While i'm ok with this, my website and brand is a general store of sorts where I help anyone who needs seo services. So would you or Garrett recommend choosing one niche like the construction industry since I have been successful in it and change my website and brand to be the construction seo guy? I may have taken what Garrett said with his restaurant experience out of context, so I didn't know if he was saying he is basically the food industry seo guy and he has had success. Thank you for these great interviews! It hits so close to home with us small boutique digital marketing agencies! Chris Heidlebaugh –

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