SEO Consultation – Follow Along As We Optimize A Content Marketing Campaign For The Search Engines

29/04/2017 | By | Filed in: Seo Website Optimization.

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9 comments on “SEO Consultation – Follow Along As We Optimize A Content Marketing Campaign For The Search Engines

  1. Unstoppable Fitness says:

    I've gotta say man, you already create great videos, but when you are doing your thing live in real world, so much MORE of your knowledge and value shine through. love it man. thanks for doing what you do mister Beker 😉 #badass

  2. Unstoppable Fitness says:

    Dude. You are seriously throwing out amazeballs content incredibly consistently. #goals #wheniGrowUp

  3. Nina Cole - Pet Nanny says:

    Oh Goodness Miles, do you have any videos for English dorks who know nothing about technology.  I have been replaying your videos over and over, but I am still having difficulty understanding just the basics!  It is so frustrating for people like me who do not work in the technology industry, but who need to keep up with the big boys.  Puts head in hands!

  4. Alexandre Da Silva says:

    Super useful ! Thank you for this very practical video. I'd love to see more ! 🙂

  5. Frank Sekulski says:

    Hey Miles, one more thing…okay, maybe two. Doing those Google Hangouts on Air will get you way better search visibility with both YouTube and Google over the standard video (I'm sure you already know this and that's why you're experimenting with it). And second, with that access to 10.5k subscribers, you could send out a message saying that you'll be going live on Google/YouTube with the topic and time. I've done this for my clients and have significantly increased our hangout viewership. Just some thoughts. Thanks again Miles.

  6. Frank Sekulski says:

    Wow! Miles really piles it on in this freakin' Jem! #BADASS

    Great info on the silo structure, I was in the process of keyword research and site structure this evening…and BAM, up pops Miles with mega nuggets of time saving instruction.

    You are the man! Thanks again dude.

  7. Media Guru Lab says:


    Personal Growth Over Dollars. Succeeds very well actually.
    People see the effort rather than the "buy my stuff".
    When you actually recommend something, because of the
    relationship with the audience they are warmer to buying stuff.
    That's why we watch your videos as soon as they come out!

  8. Kyle Arnold says:

    #badass! very interesting, cool to see another per son from NZ on here.

  9. Kanak Koe says:

    Also have you heard about click funnels Trey Lewellen's counterfeit suit by the trademark owners of CREE (the manufactures of them tactical flashlights)??
    What do you think of it do you know what ended up happening?

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